a good and interresting encounter? jesus christ how horrible!
I, an intellectual, want to fight hordes of endlessly repeated goblin trash mobs without hand placed encoutners and sub objectives like saving NPCs.

also you tell me, how long did you take for the starter goblins in icewind dale 1? because im pretty sure a lot of people got filtered by those and took way more than 7 minutes.

you saw the gameplay with the cleric getting one shot and bleeding out right?
thats not urgency?
Wheres the difference between activeley pausing after getting shrekked an trying to scramble to a heal, or beeing shreked and then, in your turn, scrambling to make it out of there alive?

>simple battles
you realize thats not a simple battle?
If previous larian games are any indication there wont be any simple battles.
There wont be canned randomized encounters.
In most DnD campaigns this is also the case. Combat in most editions after 2e takes too long to go full japanese TTRPG style "i roll a random encounter every 5 minutes". It just disrutps the gameflow too much.
most DMs i know, and certainly myself included, go with fewer but more thought out encutners that fit more into the overall theme of whats going on in the campaign

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