Well the Baldur's Gate series obviously didn't have "randomized encounters", though it gave the impression of stumbling upon encounters the more you explored amd I would not be against that here either. I certainly don't want every encounter to only exist as part of the main cinematic narrative.

I.e. Exploration and side quests you may never see are important. Depending on when you encounter them they may also be "trash Mobs" by that point, who knows, but I get your point about having to have lots of meaningless encounters to f"fill" the world.

That's again part of the debate here. RTwP allows for more "generic" combat because it can be quick and give you the feeling of being powerful. It's good mechanic within a computer game, it's often not so great on table top.

On the flip side, trash mobs that are only there to drain some potions out of me so that by mob 5 or 6 without finding a healing potion or a town I sweat, well that's not great design either.

RTwP allows for combat heavy games, but a majority of fights become a forgotten blur.

What I would hope for here is that fighting isn't always the only option (obviously the goblin encounter is scripted to be a fight), but if other stats are to be as meaningful, then there might be less combat or different combat and in that case not every fight is a chore but more a decision.