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Okay so is every fight in BG3 going to feel like chess and be limited to a handful of units on screen at a given time? No trash mobs, no large-scale battles, no random encounters? Regardless of the fact it's turn-based, that's going to be pretty disappointing.

I am not sure anyone is saying that right now. It could turn out that way, but I see no reason why larger scale conflicts with "trash-ier" mobs can't be a thing once you of an appropriate level so that you can handle a goblin more easily/one-shot (as an example).

I certainly do not remember anything in BG1 or 2 that was truly large scale. Most mobs came quickly one after another (i.e. were just out of sight in the fog), but was there anything with so many on screen at the same time? Because no one said one can't do reinforcements arriving to simulate larger scale events.