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Can wee talk about this ?
Is this "placeholder" ?


(But of course I guess this is not important... BG3 is going to have his own identity in game...)

The artists doing the banner actually tried out a bunch of concepts, specifically to avoid similarity to D:OS 2. However, not centring the logo would be an insignificant difference, and not featuring the characters/companions would mean not focusing on the party. Since gathering your party is a core part of the design, the cosmetic similarity was not as bad as other options.

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If Black Isle didn't think it right to call their cancelled 'Baldur's Gate 3' game Baldur's Gate 3 due to the differences it had with BG1 and BG2

And also the fact that they were not intending to make Baldur's Gate 3.

Oh ok... Take the exact 3 same elements (logo + characters + nearly random fantasy picture) as for DoS is just an option as another.
Sorry I thought it was for it to inspire DOS2

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