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Okay so is every fight in BG3 going to feel like chess and be limited to a handful of units on screen at a given time? No trash mobs, no large-scale battles, no random encounters? Regardless of the fact it's turn-based, that's going to be pretty disappointing.

I don't like the idea of trash mobs at all.
I don't like the idea of the PC becoming god-like. Some people might like a power fantasy, I don't.

A battle with no stakes and sense of danger, where my party slaughters the enemies in 1 hit and I could just auto-play the entire thing while I read a book is not satisfiyng to me.

Less filler fights. Less mook. More smart enemies. Enemies that use terrain in a smart way. Even goblins can be a treat is the GM (and in this case dev) is capable.

But the biggest problem if D6D in general, at least to me, is the power scaling. When you get into high levels it becomes absurd, and I prefer low-level campaigns because of that. Every just ends up bloated. Bloated HP, bloated modifers, punching gods in the face. It doesn't make my PC feel pwoerful, it makes the god and world feel pitiful.