I'm an old bg1 & 2 fan and hate rtwp system. So please speak for yourself.
TB is the best choice for DND on computers.

That's fine, but that wasnt the vision for the original series, and shouldnt be for this installment either to be completely honest.

Baldurs Gate isnt a pure independent DnD title, and you never had to be a hardcore dnd fan or ever have played table top to enjoy Baldurs Gate.

They morphed e2 to fit rtwp to fulfill their vision even further.

BG had a design philosophy in mind, and this follows none of it other than sharing the setting and it using a DnD ruleset.

*This isnt me saying rtwp is better* , i have my own opinions, but this was to get both systems included in the game and to show my disinterest in the current state of the game. Thats what forums are for, to how youre feeling.