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Hey Swen, my dad and I used to play BG together. Because of him i've played thousands of hours of amazing stories from many different RPG games. I've never thought id say this, but i'm glad he's no longer around to see this title. And that pains me to say. Please, for long time BG fans do something to this game. The art, scenery, armor, animations, character models, dialog, nerfs, is all off. Nothing resembles BG to me, and ive played hundreds of hours of each game. The least you could do is add RTWP on day 1. People will mod it later to fix all the issues, but thats all moot when the combat isnt BG. This is a turn based system trying to simulate table top. Thats not the what BG was about at all. It didnt try to recreate table top, it tried to create what tabletop restrictions were unable to do. Obsidian surely had a much less budget than this game and they added turn based to their rtwp games to satisfy their playerbase. Please atleast add RTWP so the old fans can see this wasnt a IP cash grab and that you want to satisfy and accommodate the player-base that loved BG.

I'm an old bg1 & 2 fan and hate rtwp system. So please speak for yourself.
TB is the best choice for DND on computers.

I really like this kind of comments.
How the hell can you be a fan of something you hate ?

I guess you're one more fan of D&D, which is NOT the same as the video game Baldur's Gate.

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