Oh I see, sorry I misunderstood what it was you were trying to make a point of. Absolutely, and that is what I like about TB games. They are precise. This is actually part of the difference between "tactics" and "strategy".

Both TB and RT are "tactical" and "strategic" but the words are different for a reason. Tactics are fixed, they are the rules and concepts applied to a situation from which to derive a strategy, which are the actions employed to enact tactics.

RTS are real time strategy because the strategy is real time - you apply your tactics in real time. In a turn based strategy game, the strategy is turn based, you apply your tactics turn by turn. I know this sounds a bit childish to point out, but it is a crucial distinction, I think.

I like both Real Time and Turn Based games. Front Mission 4 is one of the most underrated TBS ever made. Dark Reign likewise is an unsung hero of RTS. My tastes are wide.

But I think that what BG is is RTwP because BG is a computer game first and foremost. DOS and BG3 are just TTG replicators, which I have zero interest in.