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Okay, cool. Thanks for the pasted quote.

You can argue which impression the name "Baldur's Gate" should evoke, the game itself or the franchise it stood for. But it is silly to do so (for me, the games were forgettable; the franchise not at all). And I would say that while BG might be "*the* computer game that has inspired basically every game development studio currently in existence", D&D is *the" game that inspired them even more. Those roots aren't so old as to no longer be felt.

No they aren't. I kind of poke fun at this in my other thread, when I say there were people back when BG came out, the TTG purists, who said RT would never work. I joke about a fake conspiracy that they have been behind all the negative reviews of RTwP since, and that "DOS3" is their ultimate revenge. But it is just a joke, lol