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Bioware explained that they weren't trying to mimic the rules of tabletop because they were making a game for computers.

Check the interview in my post a few comments above.

Not quite what they said though.
They wanted to make an RPG and when the opportunity to make it an AD&D game presented itelf they jumped at it, being table top players themselves. What they realised was that their idea for fast paced Real Time combat didn't work with the AD&D rules "WITHOUT" adding the Pause mechanism.

This is actually quite crucial to qoute.

But in essence as usual, every one is right in their own way. It is true that BioWare never set out originally to copy D&D/build a D&D game, the license just fell in their lap and they adapted their original idea to suit.

Heck that is kinda what we have here right?

Either way, both STB (as we should call this due to it being Simultaneous) and RTwP have their merits and their pit falls, and this Thread and the poll on PC Gamer has proven that you're damned if you do or if you don't either way, because opinion on this particular mechanism is split relatively down the middle.

Heck even I can't decide which I really prefer, having played both systems in various games. RTwP is a mess, but it's a glorious mess where you get the feel of a real fight taking place with traded blows and spells flying, it's quite "hollywood", but frankly your control of it is suspect at best.

Turn Based can look very bland, control is a wonderful thing, and knowing why you were killed and what youd id wrong (or right!) is great, but it needs more to be happening to match the feeling of RTwP.

Are we not at a point where passive characters and monsters can't "pretend fight" whilst waiting to turn the tide? Melee swords clashing, shields blocking, ducking. Archers ducking behind rocks or leaning into trees for cover, notching arrows. Spell casters preparing spells, reading books or reaching in satchels for scrolls.

Yeah it could all be a bit too much, but I am not a fan of static characters waiting to be moved like Chess pieces. I really like the tactical flexibility, I love not being at the mercy of my 25 rolls vs their 25 rolls before something happens and if I don't pause right it's too late, but I miss the chaos. I do, I miss the feeling that that is what combat is, controlled chaos.

I also appreciate that these fine tunings, animations come later in the process, so it's possible this is to some degree planned for. But if not or if being discussed, then Larian, i'm fine with STB, but please find a way to put in some of that chaotic flavour with animations and shouts, noise, etc...