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I often wonder why there's quite so much focus on combat in RPGs.

A game like D&D is combat oriented anyway BUT absolutely nothing forces you to put it everywhere in your adventure.
When I am DM, I reward roleplay a lot to encourage it.
Does the player respect his alignment, background, race and class? Is he trying to bring his character to life?
For example, I sometimes grant bonuses or additional penalties depending on the roleplay of a player on a Persuasion or Intimidation attempt.
If he just says "I'm trying to intimidate him", I don't even give a throw and I pretend the player hasn't said anything.
What I ask my players is to play a role not just being there with their character sheet and rolling dice.

For my part, I try to give life to all NPCs with a way of speaking that is specific to each. As DM, I play all the other roles and I want to make it alive, realistic and captivating. It is not always easy but I try.
This is what RPG letters really mean. Nothing else.