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to TB fans - you realize that TB were created at tabletop as a only possibility to calculate fights in PnP environment?


we don't need to regress to it with computers

Don't see it as regression

plan your actions and execute them the way you like.

I like TB

are there any Larian devs here that comment on this aspect? i was lurking for few days but did not see any.

Haven't seen any official forums posts on the subject (and don't expect any). There is a quote floating around from an article wherein the devs made their case on the matter.

do you live your life turn based? of course it is a regression, you might not like the word, but it is. all characters should be moving in the same time, this prevents what is a nightmare in TB games - taking out everyone in unrealistic fashion, with enemy never even moving ;]

you like TB - that's great - lot's of other TB games out there - why do you want to change what was unique to BG, and what made it fun to play to something different? as it is almost 40 pages of 2 sides yelling @ each other who is most right - that should tell you something - original BG fans CARE about that aspect, it's sad that many times i just read we should shut up and be happy that we are getting something with bg in title.

anyway, just my 0.02 cents, as it seems decision is final, i'll probably skip bg3 as currently it looks uninteresting in gameplay, i might be dinosaur, someone can say - well nobody cares what u think, but in age of information feedback from customers is worth something?


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