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I've never played the previous Baldur Gate games but the game play from this new one seems amazing. To be honest, I wouldn't be interested if it was RTwP as I find it very messy to look at. I also only remember playing 2 RTwP games and never found that type of game play fun. In my opinion, it always felt more like builds were the most important aspect and you pause to micro manage as you react to things. It just doesn't feel like satisfying combat.

Turn based games feel more engaging and strategic to me so while it sucks for the original franchise fans, I hope they don't change from it.

I's strange, because you nearly don't have the concept of "build" in the old games smile
This is a really modern concept due to MMORPG I think, where you can do many many things with your characters (may skills, choices, level up,...)

Of course if you played Dragon Age Inquisition, you're in a total "solo" mmorpg grin

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