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You're probably right, and certainly for the last half of the message but what's the link between "builds" and RTwP ? (because this is his feelings).

You play the same in recent TB RPG, don't you ?

Yeah I missed a sentence or two that was in my head but didn't make it into my post lol.

One of the main reasons for Tanks up front and centre was not just because of protecting the ranged guys, but to reduce the fiddliness of RTwP. Tanks are predominantly auto hitters. Set to swing and forget until injured or until a specific attack is available (n games with cool downs), or until you need to select a different target.

The more auto hitters you have, the less you pause, the fewer the more you pause, at least in my experience. Thus party compostion determined how pausing went, at least so my argument.

Other than for quick slaying trash mobs (which it sounds Larian have considered how to handle by what I have been reading), RTwP is about the feeling it evokes. I firmly believe that is why so many are passionate about it, because it is in no way a better system, it is however a more evocativ one because it feels like a fight. It's simulated chaos. That's fine as long as yu aren't pausing or auto-pausing every 2 seconds, because it feels like a battle, whereby TB can be overly measured and consdered, and less evocative of a battle and more ofa cunning plan well executed.

In TB that has been presented here, I saw much more use for different characters than in the original games, so that's a plus. Doesn't mean I want bland combat, so Larian will have to work hard at filling that void left behind, the urgency, the thrill. If they manage, I won't miss RTwP, if they don't, then I would hope there was less focus on constant combat.

Make sense?

Totally, I'll consider this is what the previous meant smile
I never said old RTwP is perfect but I think it could change such as TB did.

Anyway, it seems impossible to me to mix "chaos of combats" and TB. I really like TB games such as Wasteland 2, Xcom, DoS,... But it's really not "real".
Turn based look like a game. BG is a story and RTwP is a part of it. A story has to look "real" for it to be interessting.

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