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I've never played the previous Baldur Gate games but the game play from this new one seems amazing. To be honest, I wouldn't be interested if it was RTwP as I find it very messy to look at. I also only remember playing 2 RTwP games and never found that type of game play fun. In my opinion, it always felt more like builds were the most important aspect and you pause to micro manage as you react to things. It just doesn't feel like satisfying combat.

Turn based games feel more engaging and strategic to me so while it sucks for the original franchise fans, I hope they don't change from it.

I's strange, because you nearly don't have the concept of "build" in the old games smile
This is a really modern concept due to MMORPG I think, where you can do many many things with your characters (may skills, choices, level up,...)

Of course if you played Dragon Age Inquisition, you're in a total "solo" mmorpg grin

You could replace Build with Characte Class and he wouldn't be wrong.

In the original BG games your party "composition", the classes you chose were important to how you wanted fights to go. Stick 2 Tanks up front, 1 healer and a mixture of Ranged and Magic and poooooof.

Taking a Ranger wasn't as useful as taking a Paladin,so there was very much a meta in how to make combat easier. With BG games being very combat heavy, you could ignore this approach I am sure many here did on various playthroughs, but it doesn't change the fact that there was a build, if more party based than character builds.

I always wanted more in game Class/Rave options, cool reasons for playing Halfling vs Human, Rogue vs Ranger, even if it was just how the world interacted with me. Mobs and RTwP combat was there for quick farming XP so that I was strong enough for the cool stuff. If there is a way to evel up without always fighting, does my focus on what mechanics are used shift? Does it matter as much?

See that's the thing, Baldur's Gate IS different things for different people. For some it is Game Mechanics over story, for others the opposite. Why take a Thief when I can take another fighter who with enough Strenght can bash locks?

i would rather have more choice and sacrifice the combat mechanic to achieve it. Others wouldn't, both arguments are just as valid as each other hehe

I agree, but it's more than that even, because how one interprets things also matters. For me, it is precisely TB games in which the differences among characters does not matter. It is in a TB game that I would be motivated to take a bunch of fighter/tanks and try to bull-rush my way through what is a distasteful experience anyway. And in fact, playing D:OS, that exactly what I did. And, my incenstive in that game was to create four characters who were exactly the same and had exactly the same abilities and spells because that's what worked best for me. Whereas in a RTwP game is where I would value diversity in my party members.