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You wouldn't want them to implement a hatchet job either.
There is an inherent risk that trying to botch RTwP into a game designed from the ground up to be TB in order to try and satisfy the other "half" could be a greater risk, because if its great TB, you might reluctantly play it and love it.

If it has sub par RTwP, you might hate it and not bother trying it in any other mode.

I'm no expert here but does anyone even think it is possible to add RTwP onto this game as it stands? Would you be happy to lose features to accomodate it (Verticality for example, or Push, etc...)?

I just can't see it. I think it's too far along to see any change in this regard prior to release. Maybe in the future, a Mod perhaps? But I dunno. I'm not saying it#s a pointless debate, it isn't, I just cannot see it changing at this juncture.

Why would you loose verticality or push with RT ?
What I think is that everything we saw until there is able to work in RTwP... But I'm not expert neither...

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