Greetings Norbyte,

I hope you're well and still around here.

I'd have one question on converting GR2 files (using the latest v.1.14.0 of the converter tool, though it's similar in older versions, as far as I see):

I noticed that converting GR2 files to dae and back (without changes) produces a difference in file size between the original GR2 and the re-converted GR2 file. Sometimes the converted file is a bit smaller (like 'Player_Male_Attack_01.GR2' from originally 93 KB to 76 KB), sometimes significantly larger (like 'Player_Male_Skill_16_Start.GR2' from originally 68 KB to 147 KB).

The animations seem to work fine in game or editor, I just wondered where these differences come from and if larger file sizes (like double the size) might have any relevant effect on performance in game (assumed a lot of the original animations are replaced with converted ones).

Thanks in advance!

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