I like how theres alot of ppl here who just made accounts to come spam negatively. Heres the thing, If you're going to quote Gygax from 1987 do it in proper context. First of all that was 1987, i have that book from that time. that was at a time when dnd was not even a videogame, hell a lot of ppl i know played dnd outside with fake swords and bows and die. that does not translate to a videogame in 2020. it was never meant to be a videogame in the first place when they first started.

Secondly, what gygax said about rules does not apply to 2020 gaming. it applies to TT play back in the day. you must have rules to the extent for the game to exist. No its not chess and neither are other RPGs, TB doesnt equal chess so thats an irrelevant argument as gygax quote from 87 is not referring to present day or the fine tunings of a pc game. I love how you ppl say "there's no rules" when theres TB but if it was rtwp youd say its the best game ever.

There have been more older ppl coming and voicing they prefer the new system over the old one, pillars and other rpgs have added or modded their rtwp games to have tb because it drew in more ppl. Thats because its system that ppl enjoy and its why the TT is successful. Mike from wizards wanted a 5e tt video game and he Loved bg1-2. Its also multiplayer with a DM mode which a messy rtwp system cannot produce. No one in the majority is going to pay 60$ to play a rtwp game, especially not the DnD community.

"But the series" yes a series from a different era of gaming when companies were just getting their feet wet and still green. Lets be honest the niche minority wants an graphics upgrade of bg. They want a videogame that has all the great lore and fluff of dnd but with rtwp when in reality TT doesnt work like that which is what wizards requested. does this mean TT purists exists? no they dont because most tt players whether its warhammer or dnd dont care what ppl that sit on steam all day have to say or gamers for that matter. their not sitting complaining that videogames need to be like their dice rolling games. What this bg3 does is bring ppl from tt to gaming and vice versa. this game is definitely meant for ppl that cant find TT groups to play with because they have a busy life; But now can play with friends online which is one of its goals.

Its funny how the loudest barking love to coordinate attacks and misquote to drive a point home when most of them werent even alive when we were drawing runes on pebbles from the front yard or making our own grimoires held together with ducktape and printer paper but want to quote gygax as if all that applies to the videogame industry.

I enjoyed bg, it was lovely storytelling and world i will always hate that sarevok lost almost all his powers but the combat was garbage thats because the studio was just starting to make way and other idiot studios tried to copy(in the modern day) what they saw was successful even though in the greater scheme and long run would not fly. which brings me to DA:I. No one use the rtwp function they just switch to Solas or Cole, etc. while the fight rages on WITHOUT PAUSING every .4 sec. Why? because no one is interested in a stuttering rtwp mess as messy as DA can get. you issue what commands without stopping the fight even for a second. That game is a Solo Action Adventure game with tactics/strategy though and is also NOT what wizards wanted. Its their game, their lore and what they wanted to bring their Tt game to gamers whether they are Tt or not for online multiplayer experience. Not just a solo action adventure.

I personally love DAI combat system without pause and all games have hidden dice roles as part of its programmed mechanics. But bg1-2 is not 5e dnd game nor is DAI, bg3 Is a TT videogame meant to be played with others OR solo, not to mention it has modes/func in it that allow for actual sneaking around as a rogue which no other games truly have in a tactical sense. So dont misquote gygax out of context and be biased because you dont like what you see which we barely seen anything yet. if it was rtwp you wouldnt misquote gygax when gygax never thought this would be a videogame one day. No point in make new accounts to vent pointlessly and be toxic because you dont own any shares in the industry to do so. Trying to spread your personal ill intent amongst ppl who like what they see is just attempt to ruin something you dont like and therefore you dont consider the happiness of others. its time to stop being petty, besides most the ppl complaining as i said previously last year will either buy the game still or will definitely watch the game at the very least. whether their salty or not.