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no and no one is going to read webpages worth thats time consuming but what youve posted here is readable enough. as i stated just before your recent quote fest, you are completely missing the point of what wizards asked for so all this quoting youre doing is going no where its not going to change wizards or larians mind nor is it ppl who play ad&d-5e minds. Especially when this is not referring to bg3 but things that dont align with wizards goals. as i said in my post right before yours.

There are plenty of people who are interested in articles and interviews about the topic. Just because Wizard asked for something doesn't mean that what they asked for is immune to criticism.

You admit to being willfully ignorant and lazy and unwilling to even engage in opinions that differ from yours. You are not worth talking to.

You mean i admit to not feeding the fact that you living right now every second of your seething at the idea of this game and will be ignorant to wizards request and how if they cared about those statements your posting that dont refer to a 5e videogame that your just trying to accuse anyone who wont see it your way as being ignorant just because your quotes arent enough we must go read articles that have nothing to do with what wizards ask which is on tape btw you can watch it yourself. these articles or quotes are not gojng to change anything so really your just here to vent because your upset and have nothing better to do with your time. you dont even think or read others posts thoroughly before spamming things that have nothing to do with wizards aims for this game. Thats ignorance, not telling someone else their admitting ignorance cause they wont read articles that have nothing to do with the status.

since you cant have your game how you like it you try to argue to get your frustration out. as i said inmy post before your quotefest if it was rtwp you wouldnt be misquoting when no matter what you say you dont control what wotc chooses to do. lol. so whine on.