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Why not both? Just have the option to choose which you would prefer...

As for the argument that turn-based is closer to real DnD, there are 2 things I have to say about this argument:

1.) yes, it is, but only due to necessity, as you cannot implement real-time combat into a pnp game. DnD is turn-based because it has to be.

2.) Although turn-based is how dnd is played, it is not how BG is played, and that is where the divide is. DnD fans seem to want to try and dismiss this with reasons such as "BG is a 20yr old game" or "you have to pause after every turn, so it's practically turn-based anyway" (no, it's not the same...)

Yes, wanting the game to stay as true to the rules as it can is a valid concern, but when you already have 2 previous games with expansions that use rtwp combat in the franchise, (as well as all other Infinity Engine games and the NWN games) that reasoning becomes a harder sell. If Larian were developing just a DnD 5e game, there would be little to no controversy, but they aren't - they are specifically developing Baldurs Gate 3, and whether it's due to tech limitations of the time or whatever, rtwp combat has solidified itself as a staple aspect of Baldur's Gate.

For what rtwp lacks in"authenticity" in terms of DnD rules/playstyle, it makes up for in being able to accomplish what pnp DnD cannot - bring the battle to life, visually, in real-time, and not just in your imagination. BG was able to do this, and I think it is a big part of why it is adored so much, even to this date.

Again, I want to stress, that I am in favor of offering BOTH options, not one over the other.

i dont mean this as antagonizing or mean. Myself and others are not dismissing bg as we also played and enjoyed those games, its not fair to put opinions into ppls mouth that are not present to speak for themselves. i was referring if you read my post to a certain quote that was misquoted to prove a point that has nothing to do with the design goals of wotc which is what everyone is missing for some reason. Bg is not ignored nor is it dismissed wotc and mike acknowledged it non stop ffs. but rehashing an old system is just not part of their goals. again if you read my post you can see i like many others played both dnd and bg and are nott bothered by a change. majority of ppl dont want another rtwp which does not sell to a majority bg was best selling in its genre not in overall gaming. it was also best selling at a time when only certain ppl gamed on pc during a time when gaming wasnt even considered cool and wasnt popular on a mass scale like it is today. if ppl would understand that if wizards asked for rtwp games from back then you would get that, its just not what they asked for. its not fair to talk about dnd fans when dnd fans mostly dont game like most others and dont have account on forums to argue a point because they just dont care like that even though alot of them played bg. but this game is now getting to play a videogame and showing gamers what TT experience is like. unless youve spent alot of time at tables or have been playing dnd a long time its not safe to say the argument is dismissed because "20yr old game etc." when the argument is deeper than that.

and to add DA:I did RT without pause the best that felt like real time, if DAI didnt have the option to not play with pause it would feel like a mess hence why viturally no one uses the pause on that game. a game like DAI i can get behind. Not to mention rtwp has 0 verticality and almost no interaction with object with the enviornment which are mostly decor. which is extremely disappointing in a so called rpg where anything is possible

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