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I have as much right to speak about my opinion here as you do. I have no agenda. You are equally as capable of not responding to me as you are of advising me to leave if I am not happy with the game. You are not the gatekeeper of opinions. I have had many good discussions here already, but I seem to becoming a bigger target for people like you who have a "like it or leave it" mentality, which is so contrary to what community stands for. I will just ignore you, to avoid conflict.

Opinions isnt the argument. The games been announced now so had this been before announcement it would not look as stupid on your part and no one would ask why youre spamming. but you just made an account not even a few days ago just to respond to the pax reveal. So your not here for just an opion or even the topic, youre trying to prove something that does not matter and is in contrary to the established system in the game and youre non stop complaining about it. its literally what ppl have been doing for ages is joining just to complain when you didnt even play divinity most likely. which is fine if you disagree about but spammin articles in ppls faces and handing out tracks when no ones asking for it just makes you a loud man on the street as with the rest of the ppl that act just like you. 80 something post for someone who just joined barely 2020 a few days a go is you trying to drive a point that youre upset about, not just sharing your opinion after the game has announced what its going to be. its just uncalled for whennyiu couldve just stated how you feel and left it at that.