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lol and how many accounts you have?

i don't care about DOS, so i never bothered to register here, not i posted any opinion about it, i'm here now b/c i saw bg3 gameplay and it sucks for me
and they should know about it from potential customer.
back in 2019 i thought they will be making continuation of baldur's gate saga in some way, which we now clearly see is not happening, what is happening is false advertising to previous games fans to have better sales, and to have generic dnd 5e game.

it would be much more honest if they just created this games as that, and not branded it bg3. no one would care.

The story of BG1&2 was very much finished, but the saga of the 3 and so forth is very much alive... so in what way is this false advertising?
What it is not is a direct sequel of the finished story in 2d isometric infinity engine or anything Setup to look as behave similarly, no. Is that what you were expecting?