Ive replayed Bg1 and 2 countless times. Ive also played dnd most my life. Can you interact with your enviornment in bg ? can you team up with another partty member to perform coordinated actions? can you do anything other than attack or use spells? no you cant. dnd is not just about attacking and casting spells, have you tricked a lich into giving up the location of his phylactery through word games and cunning? nope you havent. in the 90s there was no way to implement or replicate these things called the adnd experience. Even in 2020 there isnt. but this game comes the closest.

This game doesnt change all of the mechanics. it is changing a few of them and its common for long running series to make gameplay changes as decades go by: assassins creed, resident evil, pokemon, dragon age. Is ff7 no longer ff7 because of the remake being action, how bout all ff games?? what about ff games that are sequels? better what about kingdom heart which is a long series with multiple entries that dont keep the same gameplay but are literal sequels...You see no one in their right mind thinks that hence why they keep selling with any of the titles ive mentioned. new zeldas still feel and play like zelda even though they're not the gameboy version. guess fallout and elder scrolls arent elder scrolls because none of the new ones play like daggerfall...pfft and they have different team/studios working on them, omg #imdying

ppl praised baldurs gate for its story telling and cliff hanger it can be. if ppl love the combat it wouldnt be modded to hell for those of us who actually play it, cant think of a friend that hasnt modded that game. its a title thats a textbook example of what a sequel is. bg was never a genre but a setting based on Dnd first and foremost. which bg3 is following. Wotc approached larian to make this, NOT the other way around you all seem to forget that major detail. Divinity took all of its ideas from ADnD and BG as inspiration which is one of the main reasons they were able to mold their system to take it even further. Being called bg3 is reasonable since its a continuation of the storyand world. the game isnt dismissing or ignoring bg from what sven said already the game is going to directly reference and what he couldnt comment on which was asked is will we see previous characters which we know we will because hes not alot allowed to speak on it. you cant make a bg game without referencing bg or using its inherent storytelling which this game has. duh. but you know "wheres rtwp? wheres my mindless button mash? not bg not bg not bg, take away liscence from larian!!" you guys are screeching from a time when barely anyone was gaming let alone rpg gaming on a PC.

Larian: makes a game based on table top rpgs like dnd and warhammer called dos.
Wizards: want to make an OFFICIAL dnd game?
Larian: Makes a TT Dnd game
Players: Is it too much like Divinity?

This is really about ppl who dislike larian. why else join the forum board if you dont like divinity? because you want to vent that you like obsidian better and that bioware which has turned to garbage and has been garbage for 20yrs is also a btter candidate to you. why? because if you really cared about the core of bg which was the storytelling and world then you wouldnt be arguing combat mechanics on a game you can do nothing about. most DA fans dont like inquisition but they liked the gameplay i gues that means theyre not real fans because the gameplay changed. btw i never said you couldnt join nor am i being an authoritarian i merely stated its obvious why newly joined members from 3-6 days ago are only here vent and troll and enjoy trying to smash on larian because theyre mad santa didnt deliver. if the shoe fits it fits replying that ppl are authoritarian only proves that since no ones barring you from posting.

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