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Personally I don't like real time strategy for example. So I never play Age of Empires. But I don't go on their forums to complain their next game should be turn based.

This is a false equivalency. The issue is that something was a certain way and now it isn't and people want it the way it was before. The issue is not things are a certain way and people are saying it should be different, which is what your AOE example would be. That's what the people who welcome turn-based combat would do, not the people against it.

The current issue with BG3, would be like when XCOM got a new game back in 2012, but it used real-time combat instead of turn-based. People would be rightfully upset, as they are with BG3 scrapping rtwp combat.

i concur. so much this. i genuinely never heard or came across complains about RTwP more than a decade ago about Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2 at all. praises of how good of it is everywhere.. and now after DOS2 became a success.. out ouf sudden every where scream BG suxs because it's RTwP. anything else doesn't matter because it's RTwP. anything RTwP and it's not D&D.

I think ANYTHING RTwP actually is a successor to Turn-Based. in 1 round it's 6 secs. you have multiple attacks per round. it's a godsend to me seeing that turn-based being accelerated. Although RTwP it's still dice-rolls. Those dice-rolls isn't so significantly shown to you on your face. but the dice rolls are there.

I WOULD have much appreciate if Larian were to innovate on the existing formula like said.. 1 Dice-Roll = 1 Round (6 secs). But no.. it's exactly same as DOS2 and hence it's being branded as DOS close.