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i genuinely never heard or came across complains about RTwP more than a decade ago about Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2 at all. praises of how good of it is everywhere.. and now after DOS2 became a success.. out ouf sudden every where scream BG suxs because it's RTwP. anything else doesn't matter because it's RTwP. anything RTwP and it's not D&D.

Yes very much this. The problem really is not RTwP v. TB or BG3. The problem is that in recent years (hasn't always been this way) TB fans have become purists, some even fanatics, where it is not just that they prefer TB but that they insist and demand that every single RPG made be TB and that RTwP fans should not get any games of their preference. It is a form of "TB superiority." Whereas a RTwP fan will still be open to playing a TB RPG, the modern-day TB fans will not only refuse to play a RTwP game but will actively boycott and wage a war against any RPG that is RTwP (TB fan reactions toward the PoE and Pathfinder games being excellent examples). And of course once this keeps happening again and again for some years, it is inevitable that the RTwP fanbase will eventually retaliate in kind.