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According to Larian connoisseurs on here they have experience with real-time combat as well which apparently has been a feature of some of their previous games. I've only played Divinity: Original Sin so I didn't have a clue. Don't mean to pick on you though I can't help but laugh out loud when you mention Pokémon, I actually wouldn't be surprised if Larian, WoTC, Hasbro etc. were marketing this game towards people whose preferred games aren't even available on PC. By the way, how do you measure this accessibility thing? Is it sales per game, franchise sales totals or total number of players?

It's something you could quantify, but I'm simply making a more generalized statement. Turn-based is slower, gives the player more time to plan out moves and is just easier in general, especially on higher difficulties. Meanwhile, unless you've got a lot of experience or put a chunk of time into RTwP, you'll never truly get the true feel of it. One might simply toss it on a lower difficulty and roll through, or fumble with pausing/planning.

Like I said, more of a generalized statement, but if you were to take a ton of CoD gamers who have never played an isometric game at all and were to have them play a turn-based or a RTwP game, which do you feel they'd have an easier time playing? Not which they would enjoy more and spend more time with, but which would have the easier learning curve or be able to master quicker?

Edit: As to your first statement, I was actually unaware myself. I didn't even play DoS1. I'm not actually a "Larian fan" like a lot of forum members here, but I played DoS2 since it was on sale on Steam (along with POE) and was looking for a decent RPG. When I heard they were making a BG3 game I jumped on here to follow it.

I probably know less about Larian than most forum members here, but recent experience is probably more valuable than "They made these other game types years ago" since those developers probably don't even work with Larian anymore lol

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