DOS1&2 are a very-very great RPGs, despite their combat system, not necessary because of it.
I think they did the TB in the best possible way, I have ever seen, but if it was real time with pause,
with a bit lower movement speed, than Baldurs Gate, it would be just as good as it is.

I like TB, but:

If the battle is too hard, I hate to redo it when I lose, because it is, so slow...
I spent at some of the hardest battles like 2-3 hours totally to complete them, including the failed tries and the tries I did at lower level.

If the battle is too easy, I do not enjoy it as much as RTwP, because it is also slow, even if I kill them in 2-3 turns.
I miss the feeling, that I just quickly destroy the goblin horde or just kill the orcs with a death spell.

Of course I am still looking forward to BG3. smile