honestly imo nothing beats RT games. RT games with no pause and no turns. Quite frankly i feel as shit as DAI is it got RT without pause correct. If This was Adnd i wouldnt pauses or turns. but theres nothing anyone can do about whats set in stone. Pausing a game every .5 sec takes 0 skill and has never felt rewarding. turn based is only good when the AI is flawless. But NOTHING beats RT without pause(Wc3, starcraft) and flawless AI, id love to see this in this genre. Why? because its a videogame which is best without pauses and without turns. for instance Elons adaptation to dota is an excellent example. I made a mod to a private rpg project using dice rolls and better AI than what gaming offers us today, and honestly i think that most companies in the industry cheat us when playing these games because hard mode dont make ai smarter but just do more damage and have more health. PoE, Dos1-2, Pathfinder i found lacking even on the highest difficulties. using both rtwp and tb it was just shite. But to be fair this is wizards game and most ppl that rpg cant handle having to think against adapting AI whether you're rpg hardcore or not.

We have to be honest these games are not even challenging which is my personal main concern. Dos made my brain work a bit because it actually has a interactive enviornment. but solo no LW plays still was just a math game once i master tactical advantage and personal strategies. Rtwp are even easier because they're just flat planes. so both in my opinion are rather shite without good AI but being a TT player aswell i dont mind if this is wotc decision and we cant change. so being enraged over just means ppl need to find a new hobby. i mean some of you have to at least have a gf or a dog or something. the games already made and this board has just turned into a venting page not anything constructive. be passionate, fine but realize its done already no reason to stress yourself over whats done in stone or trying to quote irrelevant things from the past when its simply not the currency of the realm. hell most ppl in this thread know next to nothing about dnd or that baldurs gate is in faerun. they cant even tell you anything about avernus. even the fat neckbeards know next to nothing. and most the ppl in this thread arent excited for the game they just hate on it. thats pretty obvious.

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