The only reason BIOWARE did rtwp is cause they thought it would make them money and thought it was the only way to implement dnd rules into a game. but as you can see that failed and now only niche community plays rtwp. PoE and all the other titles like it are just clones of bg, and no where near are they success stories. Even so the new Pathfinder righteous had to add tb because its requested; they can have both modes because its a flat plane with no tactics or positioning involved. just more spamfest.

An excerpt of why garbage AI and Rtwp is garbage :

Queue action.
Queue action.
Queue action.
Queue action.
Leave unpaused for a tiny fraction longer than I should have.
AI has now taken it upon itself to do something else after the action I queued up for it, and that action is stupid.
Queue action to move to somewhere more sane.
Queue action to cancel idiotic charge.
Queue action to move to somewhere a spell will actually be useful from.
Okay, that last guy, you're fine, you keep doing your thing.
Queue action...

I know that I can set up preferences and tactics that the AI will try to use, but even with those things set, it's still like herding cats. I'm not acting as a general, I'm acting as that asshole micromanager you know from work, constantly standing over my characters because I can't trust them to execute any kind of meaningful plan if I don't.

In this sense... Turn based combat lets me actually execute strategies. RTWP makes me fight against whatever level of AI the devs have given my characters, in order to just maybe let them achieve some kind of tactical nouse."

By setting up premade actions is sheer laziness btw and not thoughtful because plans never work perfectly especially with these garbage AI these bg clones try to make.

Wotc knows that the niche rtwp is not the majority, and the majority arent interested in this, hence why every rpg is adding tb even though its pointless to because their game is flat anyway. Their not making a game for a niche community thats from way back when gaming was considered a todd howard past time. their not going to cater to an entitled community that wants the same bg clones over and over again with no enviornmental interaction or thinking involved. Everyone games not just the group from way back when, ppl want this and this game provides ppl being able to get together and play it as was its intention.

If you like RTWHandicap youre just there for the ego trip of being in feeling like being in control of the clock, if your turn based, your into logic and strategy, and yes tactics and strategy BOTH go into that. But the nothing beats REALTIME WITH NO PAUSE on multiple landscape forms including vertically(like sc2). Guess what if your going to be constantly pausing you might aswell play TB cause weve played these games you guys are pausing forever and a day. Lets face it those that love Real time with handicap(RTWH) dont have high enough APM to play a straight up RT game. Its not chaotic you guys just say that to act like youre doing something tactical. i bet most of you havent even played DoS but here we are talking about things you dont even play. When i see some high APM with no handicap(pausing) i dont care to heara about skill and tactics of spam fests. If you dont like a Tabletop simulator which is ADND-5e then dont buy BG3. go play the new pathfinder where you can spam away and apm doesnt matter nor does thinking.

imagine having played against an AI who adapts faster and you cant press a pause button to save yourself everytime something goes wrong. Do you know atleast in DoS you always end up in situations where the ai will screw you over and theres almost nothing but your wit that can save you because its turn based, it can get out of your control. RT and TB both have similar effects, RTWH does not however. but when you have RTWH you can just freeze time like Vecna the Lich God; congrats you get to always be a lich god. tb is more strategic and tactical because you barely have control over the outcome majority of the time and have to actually think to get out of situations. its 20 yrs later the game is not going to look the same even if it didnt look like it looks now you guys would still be mad. When you make a choice in RT and TB you cant switch it up by pausing. if youre really a fan of Baldurs gate then you wouldnt hate, youre really just fans of RTWH(Real time with handicap). You literally start out the game with one of the most powerful spells in RPGs: Freezing time as a basic mechanic. Is this bad? No. It just means you Should go play pathfinder and its clones instead raging over things youre not going to change and Put words in the mouths of ppl who care about the DnD universe as a whole no matter if its RTWH or TB.

They could literally make a Baldurs gate 3 that had RTWH and i would buy that game so fast not caring for a second. If it wasnt for it being in the Dnd universe the story and world would have been no where near as good.

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