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One thing that bothers me more than the one of TB/RTwP I'm not so keen on (and there's little point in saying which) and that's the very significant focus on which method of combat will be implemented. Is BG really just about the combat? If that's the case, I'm not sure what to feel about it.

BG3 looks great, of course from first look, it is not how I imagined.

If DOA3, was made by an other company like Obsidian and it had no elemental interaction, no TB combat and no pet-pal skill
DOA players would also be pretty concerned.
Especially if the engine of pillar of eternity, would also had the visual identity very similar to Pillar of Eternity.

If they change combat system, which changes the pace of the whole game, it is important to remind, the players,
that this is not a DOA game, so taking elements from BG series is important.

My other concern with combat, if the characters levels up the combat, becomes slower, because of the extra HP you get.
With pen&paper it was also pretty hard and it took long to kill a wizard with stoneskin.

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