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That's fine. It could be a different set of items that are equivalent. That would have the benefit of denying those items to people who choose to fight.

But even more importantly, killing someone or robbing someone shouldn't just be about being "a bad person." If consequences are for real, then such players should suffer real consequences, such as every single soldier and law-enforcement person in the game coming for you, nobody in town willing to cooperate with you, no merchant willing to do business with you. This is the Forgotten Realms, not garbage Rivellon. And in the Realms, goodness and law prevail as the default in most places. This should be enforced against people who go on a robbing/killing spree.

Resentment and ridicule have never made you friends at any realm, son.
Even though I agree that my 'bad person' example was wonky.

Still, a reward out of gratefulness would be worth nothing,
if courage and cowardice were rewarded the same.