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I don't understand why is so hard to understand people asking a game of a series to resemble the previous installments of said series

I don't think it is a question of understanding why they would want it to resemble the originals; it is a question of why they would expect so many others to want it.

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we are ''blinded by nostalgia''

It's a reasonable explanation.

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and [we're] a ''minority''

Do you think many people in their teens and 20s are clamoring for BG3 to look and play like a game that was made when or before they were born? Do you think the many people over 40 who already felt about something else (e.g D&D) the way you do about BG1&2 are clamoring for BG3 to look and play like something that was just another good game in the history of their RPG playing experience? Why on earth do you think you are anything but a minority?

Thq question is not why they would expect so many others to want it, the question is why would you be against it. There's a reason why a game become a series and why the game of the same series resemble each other,there's none for the opposite.

Again,you claim is a reasonable explanation just because you choose to ignore all the extensive explanations people have offered already, you're just proving my point here.

Yes,I am 29 (28 last month) and I played the originals,I got BG1 as a present when I was like...around 10yo and I could barely play it, but still enjoyed it. Then a few years later when I had more gaming knowledge reinstalled it and beated it,same goes for BG2 and later I've played them both over the years from time to time because they're still solid games 20 years after. The EE editions came around...2012-2013? I know for a fact that a lot of people got their first experience with the EE and really liked BG and those people are a lot younger than older BG fans but still won't recognise BG in BG3. Just take a look at people saying they're going to try BG1 and 2 because they're thrilled by BG3 and when they do they won't understand why BG3 is called BG3.

So,long story short,yes I don't think we're a minority,this situation would never had happened if we were,and nobody would have complained about a new D&D game called Baldur's Gate:Divinity Sin but when they choose to call it BG3 to grab old BG fans attention and money and they don't deliver anything that resembles that,then the problem arises. The marketing technique basically backfired,they could have had the same success without it and none of the argument going on now.