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I don't understand all this childhood memories thing you so adamant use as an argument.
Harry Potter fans expect Harry Potter things, Witcher fans expect Witcher things,BG fans expect BG things, that's why franchises and series exist,because people know what to expect when buy/consume something from that franchise/series.
For some people it may be the case,but if you think it's all about feelings and unreachable emotional goals for everyone you're very wrong.

Because it is a very emotional thing.
And is a very human error to the seek to the relive of individual emotional experiences, by trying to recreate the scene that is tangled with it.
The error is to systemtically overestimte anything that describe the scene in materialisitc, quantifiybale way.

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[...] It's not my game because (Not dark enough, persistent online, open world, etc...) This always happens when there is a change and these are examples where games stayed within the same company, where the makers of the original games looked to change things up, because they don't just want to make the same thing again.

Polygons have no soul. We the people, we make things beautiful, and we make them ugly. It is us human beeings who keep memories. The can't be transfered. The same can't get more. There can be new ones, others. Which end up beeing what we were looking for.

I keep certain things, because they remind me of something. It would be possible to copy that thing. But then it is an other thing, that looks the same, but it has no value for me and the the attemp to recreate the memory by recreating the thing, was meant to fail.

But I can seek another adventure (without expecting it to be crap), because that was what I did when something became special for the first time.

The fact that you feel like that doesn't mean every other person is as ''emotional'' about games, if the next...let's say witcher (again) game looks like fallout or vice versa I won't be pleased,not because I don't like witcher or fallout,it will be because they're simply not.

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