I just have a feeling that more and more people on Larian "side" are getting annoyed by this thread.

Forum moderators threatening to ban me, or delete certain posts.

Larian employees supporting that as well.

I think at a certain point Larian management might also get really annoyed by this specific issue (BG3 actually being DOS3).

Why is that? Its because its simply the TRUTH, truth sometimes hurts, there is no hiding from it after we saw the demo.

When I saw the demo...I was just kinda sad and a bit mad...a bit disappointed with Larian for the first time.

I know they put a lot of effort into this game, their team is really huge, lots of money went into all of this.

This topic is a very uncomfortable issue for Larian.

I would not be surprised if they just shut down this topic all together, because it seems a bit too late to change the entire direction of the game.

This game is DOS3, and I don't see that changing, it would cost so much more money for them to start redesigning the game now.

With that, unfortunately maybe TWO IP's will be ruined irreversibly - DOS and BG.

What is Larian going to do next - do DOS3 after BG3? Dont see that coming anytime soon.

Essentially, the DOS trilogy will be finished with BG3.

Good luck Larian.