Having now seen the gameplay, I am more encouraged that the end result will be a good game.

I do like the camera treatment and the fact that the environment is fully 3D, and on the evidence so far, they do appear to have higher quality writing to go along with the well-established world lore of the Forgotten Realms.

The increased production values compared with previous Larian games will probably result in more players new to cRPGs, so I can see that the low mechanical skill needed by TB will be an advantage for that cohort.

I do still have some concerns about the resulting, rather glacial, pace of the game, and the fact that unavoidable combat appeared to be the only means of progress; but what we saw may not be representative of the final gameplay.

And I still think it was probably unwise to use the "BG3" title without any obvious link to the original story arc; it just gives people a stick to beat them with.