While reading through the questions and responses on the AMA, I saw that the planned level progression for BG3 is only levels 1 through 10 for the full release of the game. I feel like this is a huge mistake for both Larian Studios and Wizards of The Coast if they decide to go this way. The D&D 5e ruleset from my understanding is based around a level 20 cap, so why would they choose to not keep that system which is already defined in the players handbook? Also, if I am only able to level my character 10 times total in a 100+ hour cRPG play-through, I for one would feel pretty cheated. I hate to compare games, but even in Pathfinder Kingmaker you had the potential to reach level 20 by the end of the game. This higher level cap lead to much more flexible builds and a very satisfactory feeling while progressing through the game of gaining power at regular intervals. I hope that Larian Studios and Wizards of The Coast decide to revise their decision to make the level cap 10 and increase the level cap to 20.