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No epic levels... more Doom everyday. I really cant believe this company got this contract, or maybe someone at WotC needs to have a job review?

Oh look, another 'Larian is evil, woe is us' post.

Larian got the job because they are damn good at what they do, and WoTC look at Div 2 and went 'That engine, and those workers, would be great for what we want out of a Baldur's Gate 3 game'.

You DO realize that, in almost every choice made, Larian has to get the go-ahead from WoTC? WoTC, and indeed most IP holders, want a game that meets certain criteria. They don't want a game that ruins their IP, because that means the IP will make less money now and possible NONE in the future, if the IP bombs enough.

So most any choice Larian has implemented, WoTC has had to okay.

I'd assume that would also include the level cap. Maybe Larian felt the high-level spells were too powerful to balance around. Maybe WoTC actually told them to make it level 10 only.

One level every 10 hrs of game play.. I dont even need to argue with you it says it all. And I did say someone at WotC should have there job reviewed as well...

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