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No epic levels... more Doom everyday. I really cant believe this company got this contract, or maybe someone at WotC needs to have a job review?

Oh look, another 'Larian is evil, woe is us' post.

Larian got the job because they are damn good at what they do, and WoTC look at Div 2 and went 'That engine, and those workers, would be great for what we want out of a Baldur's Gate 3 game'.

You DO realize that, in almost every choice made, Larian has to get the go-ahead from WoTC? WoTC, and indeed most IP holders, want a game that meets certain criteria. They don't want a game that ruins their IP, because that means the IP will make less money now and possible NONE in the future, if the IP bombs enough.

So most any choice Larian has implemented, WoTC has had to okay.

I'd assume that would also include the level cap. Maybe Larian felt the high-level spells were too powerful to balance around. Maybe WoTC actually told them to make it level 10 only.

One level every 10 hrs of game play.. I dont even need to argue with you it says it all. And I did say someone at WotC should have there job reviewed as well...

Just because you don't like an idea does not mean someone should be fired.

I'm sorry but this is a HUGE sore point with me. Back before I was on disability, I worked ALLOT of customer service jobs, and I could not count how many times some guy or gal wanted someone fired because their burger did not have cheese on it, or they forgot to say 'no pickles' and expected the worker to read their minds. Or they ordered the wrong meal and decided it was our fault.

I once put up a pizza for 'Smith'. I actually said 'Large sausage & hamburg pizza for Smith. Large sausage & hamburg pizza for Smith. ' over the mic and had to turn to grab another order. Pizza is gone. Smith comes up a minute later (he was in the bathroom), and wonders where his pizza went. I'm confused, because I thought he grabbed it off the counter. We had to make him a replacement pizza, as fast as we could since he was going to a movie with his kids. So he's upset.
Another 5 minutes go by, a 60 year old lady stomps up and starts screaming that we made her VEGGIE PIZZA wrong, and the cook should be fired, and I was incompetent...and then her pizza is put up on the rack, having just finished cooking. (Note: All order have a receipt with the name the customer gave us on it)
This lady heard me say 'SAUSAGE AND HAMBURGER PIZZA FOR SMITH', took it, ate half of it, then realized it was not her pizza..and blamed us. She wanted to be comped her pizza, which she got, hot and ready. I repeat; She wanted us to give her her pizza for free, because she stole someone else's.
Even after she got HER pizza, she was yelling about how stupid we were, and how she was going to call corporate and get us fired. Over HER mistake. She did not ask if it was her pizza. It was clearly sitting on a tray, not covered, with MEAT all over it, and SHE ATE HALF OF IT.
But it was our fault.

People will lie by ordering 'A hamburger, no cheese' and then scream they wanted a cheeseburger, or take the wrong order, so they can get people fired while attempt to get a freaking $6.00 burger meal for free. They don't care that getting someone demoted or fired could cost them food, or an apartment, or their car. They just want instant gratification as the cost of everyone else.

So I bloody loathe when someone gets upset over something and says 'Well <x> should be reviewed/demoted/fired!'.
It does not matter that that could leave some poor worker ultimately homeless, or starving, no. You're unhappy, and someone must pay for it.


Sorry. It just really tweaks me after I spent so long in customer service.