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From every site I have visited or community I am part of, I can easily say nearly half is upset about one thing or another, Yes someone should have a job review with those stats IMO

Not really. It's the internet; someone will ALWAYS be upset. Lots of someones.
Just because someone is upset does not mean someone should get fired or reviewed or demoted, because you can't please everyone. Ever. Too many different personalities and worldviews and personal opinions to ever please anyone.

Well I sure wish the internets was around when I had to find a job, because being a roofer for nearly 30 years, when someone isn't happy.. people get fired. Any way I don't want anyone being fired. Lets let this end here. I like people, and dont want any hate. Just voicing my opinion, Ill tone it down. "Sometimes having peace is better than being right" or something like that

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