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No epic levels... more Doom everyday. I really cant believe this company got this contract, or maybe someone at WotC needs to have a job review?

I can't believe Wizards of the Coast own D&D. In my opinion they've done very little good with the franchise beyond 3.5

Hey now! 4th Edition was...

Hey now! Fifth Edition is perfectly fine!


But 3.5 edition was a lot better than 4th edition and 5th edition

I will agree to disagree.
My first edition was 3.5, then I went to Pathfinder, then I tried 4th but..ewgh. I feel like 5th has really streamlined it without being overly confusing. 3.5 had allot of clunky mechanics (Don't ever say 'grapple check!' when using 3.5 :P )

I mean, it's good. No argument there! But better? I feel that they are both equally as good.