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Abdel Adrian was originally one of the presets of the BG videogame before becoming the canon character for D&D ( We knew him before he became mainstream ) and the module "Murder in BG", I do not think the books are canon, because they have a very different ending and the character is not the same as in the module. (And honestly they are not very good)

I do not really know if the EE are canon, I did not see any references to it in the D&D Lore, but maybe?

Misc does not only appear in the comics, but also he is referenced in the official WOTC module DiA, so I think the fact that the bearer of the boot of justice is alive and kicking; it´s canon. I hope he appears in BG3 too.

Murder in Baldur's Gate takes place 6 years (1482) before the Legends of Baldur's Gate comic books that reveal how Minsc returned (1488), and Descent Into Avernus takes place in the year 1494. The wild mage who accidentally freed Minsc and Boo from being a petrified stone statue looks like Neera from BG:EE, heck, even Minsc thinks she is Neera! That alone hints that the EE is canon in my opinion, there is no way to counter-argue it.

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