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Also for it to be done properly. It would have to be an expansion. If they are going to give us DM mode and a toolset to build upon. It would have to incorporate all the levels. If it is split up into two different games it would not work especially if they updated their engine to 5.0 for part 2.

If they do not do expansions as it has been suggested. To make this a complete game they would have to give us a 20 level cap game, DM mode and a toolset. Otherwise, it is just a demo game that becomes abandonware. (why do I feel like the fence is getting barbed wire and I will have to jump off).

I am always astounded by the level of hyperbole used when someone wants to make an argument for something they want. It is really odd.

A level cap of 10 can work fine with one game, a game with a sequel, GM mode or expansion(s).
And no, it doesn't mean it would be a demo game that would just be "a demo game that becomes abandonware".
(I thought I also wanted to make some arguments about how and why, but it seems kind of pointless)

The point is that it will take another game to have the full experience. Taking years to max out your character is not something that I look forward to.
All the recent CRPGS, including the Larian ones, allow for max level way before endgame.

No that wasn't the point of the post I quoted. If it was, it would not have been overly dramatic.
You are trying to build your point on top of hyperbole, which doesn't really help.

BUT it is entirely possible to make one game, one story, that is limited to a certain "power level". This is done in writing, films and roleplaying games all the time.
Having a balance between the protagonists and antagonists is logical and make for a much better story than having the player characters being wastly more powerful than their enemies.
Insisting on a heroes journey that goes all the way to the most powerful can actually limit a story, because you will then have to expand this power on the opposite side also.

I am not sure if you thought about the effects on the story if you expand the levels to include lv 1 to 20.
The story is probably already laid out as we speak. They have the idea, they have a beginning and and ending and they most likely have a lot of what is in the middle.
If you want to expand the power level of the story, you will have to change a lot of it.
You can either make it twice as long and expect them to just add more and more to the story to fit your wish. Or you can ask them to change the whole story so it will fit with what you want.
I don't see either happening really. And I trust the people writing the game and the developers to have a good grasp of these things, so I am confident that the level range they have set isn't just some arbitrary numbers, but in fact fits with the story they want to tell.