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Well the Canonical hero of the Baldurs Gate series (The books that is) is still alive in "Murder of Bladurs Gate" so Abdel Adrian might be around.
Otherwise who, or what, Gorions ward was is a incredibly difficult question.

Abdel is dead, killed by Viekang, the cowardly guy who always disappears in a bolt of lightning in the SoA and ToB games. Murder in Baldur's Gate happens a decade before Descent Into Avernus and Baldur's Gate 3.

Yup pretty much that's why I was thinking that it might be possible to bring back Gorion's Ward back to life the same way as Sarevok Anchev made his comeback

I don't think it is necessary to bring back Gorion's Ward just to shoehorn the details that he might actually a she, or he/she was a half-elf or human when certain players who have played the games did not make Gorion's Ward a human or half-elf. Let old ghosts rest. Not every character from the previous BG games need to be brought into BG3.