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What really bothers me about the BG3 demo is that Larian is still using a lot of DOS features like:

1) marking red field of vision when sneaking (same as DOS - proposing to change this visual),
2) using fog clouds animations (same as DOS, please remove this visual and make it a PC/NPC status),
3) overusing surfaces interactions (water, grease, blood etd - same as DOS; please enough with DOS features),
4) to much items and overly large inventories (same as DOS - BG1and2 had relatively small inventories, I would propose to somehow simplify the item gathering process or even use a mechanic like a courier similar to what they did in Torchlight - it can pick up generic items and sell them with on or two clicks)
5) making the combat not look so similar to DOS (changing/removing the attack path line visual)
6) changing the jumping animation to something a bit more realistic (i think nobody was really impressed when Swen Vicke showcased the feather spell and jumped of the building - that spell is a rip off from Morrowind etc.)

Just my two cents, what DOS gimmicks/features from DOS would you NOT like to see in BG3?

I'm mainly bothered about things that make no sense, don't fit, or get in the way.

- environmental barrels/surfaces shouldn't be spewed everywhere
- world animations and effects should reflect the time/space constraints and be high fantasy in tone
- UI behaviour should be functional with no more "bling" than is strictly necessary

- and, of course, neither Jan Jansen, nor any of his extended family should ever be heard from again! I know it's not DOS, but even BG had hateful aspects. More directly, I would certainly prefer that wacky or goofy humor and easter eggs are hidden behind some form of toggle, as they can completely ruin the atmosphere. For example, in Fallout NV you had to select the "Wild Wasteland" trait if you wanted silliness, otherwise it was simply not there.

As for other stuff like the sneaking FOV, I don't really care if it's been seen before, as long as it makes sense.