I watched the gameplay demo and I just don't understand how is this successor to bg series. It just doesn't have the same "gamefeel" as the other 2, it is so much closer to dos than to bg. I liked dos, I liked dos 2, I am sure it will be competently made game, but how is it bg3?

I don't know, pillars of eternity, pathfinder kingmaker felt a lot closer to bg than this. It feels like a very different subgenre. Not only combat is turn based only, but also aesthetically it is just not "it". Probably reused assets didn't help. I felt like I was in fort Joy, not in sword coast.

I am ok with different ruleset, I am more than ok with a new story, I am ok with their engine, but what I don't understand why is it called bg3 when everything except for setting is different from previous series. For me it really fails to capture spirit of bg, it feels like dos game in bg universe. I am dissapointed.