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The animations need to be reworked from the ground up. It’s a great opportunity to distinguish the game from DOS2. They’re too jolly, goofy and not at all in line with the more grounded tone of Baldurs Gate.

Everyone is talking about the jumping animation, which is one of the more obvious ones. The shooting animation is probably in most need of a change though. It’s just so silly. The arc isn’t needed when aiming at an enemy at these distances. If there’s a big obstacle in the way, like a fortress wall, by all means use the arc, otherwise remove it. And make the animation more forceful.

Also, the running animation seem to be a copy paste from DOS2 thus far. It’s swanky and just not a quality animation. It needs to change into a more realistic animation that has weight and determination to it.

Things like this really contribute to the overall tone of the game. Right now it doesn’t have its own voice. It just screams DOS.

Yeah totally agree that animations look jolly or goofy...I personally dont like that because im into dark fantasy more...but a lot of larian fans here seem to love the jolly/goofy stuff, and Larian is like that so unfortunately IMO we will see a lot of jolly/goody stuff in the final game.