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We will probably meet Drizzt or Elminster, or even Jarlaxle (all were present as npcs in BG2), as they are a very known characters from Faerun. But if i had to choose , i would love to have Korgan , Viconia and Edwin again as companions laugh

Korgan might show up, dwarves live for 350 years, and I don't think he was that old in BG2, maybe 196? I'm not sure about Viconia, though. Whether you romance her or not, her future does not guarantee her survival into the 5th Edition time frame, being a target of the Spider Queen and all. I like to think Edwin may have found a way to become a lich.

Didn't Edwin turn into a female after he foolishly challenged Elminster? anyway, i'm pretty sure we wont see these characters or any other Bg 1&2 characters for that matter. Maybe Minsc, since he became very iconic. I just hope that the new companions will be as memorable as the BG ones, or at least close.

Even though Elminster turned Edwin into a woman it is never said what happened to his powers wizards can live for a really long time also with the hole spellplague thing even if Elminster made it where Edwin can't cast spells anymore the spellplague changes things so it' not impossible for Edwin to make a comeback alive or dead male or female

A spellscarred Edwin(a). Hmm...