A few animation files (DOS 1 EE) cause errors when I try to convert them:

- Player_Male_Attack_DWSML_02.dae: can't be converted back to GR2 (also when unchanged): "Import failed! Animation channel references nonexistent bone: Bone_Dummy_Attachment"

- Demons_ABC_Cast_Target_01_End.dae: can't be converted back to GR2 (also when unchanged): "Animation channel references nonexistent bone: Bone_Dummy_CastFXk"

- Cyclops_Wizard_A_Skill_01.GR2: can't be converted to dae from GR2: "Export failed! Model has multiple root bones! Please use the 'Conform to GR2' option to make sure that all bones from the base mesh are included in the export".
When using this option: "Export failed! Failed to conform skeleton: Animation track references bone 'Bip001' that cannot be found in the skeleton 'Eye_Bone_001"

- The same error for all animations of Env_Artillery_Flower_ABC: multiple root bones. Using 'Conform to GR2' throws the same 'multiple root bones' error.

Only Player_Male_Attack_DWSML_02 would be important for me at the moment. Do you think this could be fixed without too much effort?

Aside from these few files the tool did a great job! Thanks a lot!

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