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but thats what youre supposed to do anyway.
my group has been playing the currentl campaign for about a year and we just hit level 5

I really don't know what to say to that,.. Sorry?

I can see achieving lv 5 in one year, if you played a few hrs a year. I have not played Pnp In years but I do have decades of memories, my groups got down to buisness rather quickly, level 5 would be achieved with in a couple weekend sessions.

It all depends on the DM.
Remember that the Rulebook is a guideline, not a holy bible. If you want to give your players a level per session; do it! If you want them to only gain a level after every milestone you set in your deep story; fine! If you want to give out EXP exactly as listed in the book; that's good, too!

There's no set rule that says 'If you're players don't hit level 5 by session 10, you're doing it wrong'.
Maybe Sordak is/has a DM that gives out less EXP?

The point of D&D is to have fun and enjoy playing with friends, not level up as fast as possible.

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