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I want them to cap it at 7 and have 3 dlcs that raise it. From reading a lot of these comments I really dont think people have every played dnd or bg. while mages were very weak in 2nd edition in the begining but even starting at lvl 3 they started to get some punch then by 18 good loord watch the hll out. 5th mages can be very useful from the get go especialy with how spell memorization works.

5e isn't 2e, cantrips are at will in 5e, so a Mages doesn't have to rely on a sling or crossbow. And some spells can be cast as rituals, which doesn't take up a slot.

So a level 1 Wizard could have Minor Illusion, Fire Bolt, and Friends cantrips that he can cast at will, and Find Familiar (ritual), Charm Person, and Unseen Servant (ritual) aa 1st level spells for example, two of which can be cast as ritual which increases casting time, but doesn't burn a spell slot.

If Human this wizard can also take the Ritual Caster (Cleric) Feat, to get a Ritual Book with 2 first level Cleric Rituals in it (with scrolls he can add all the Cleric rituals to the book eventually).

And spellcasters get fewer spell slots.